Opposites Attract ▪️ Tuffnut Thorson

Opposites Attract ▪️ Tuffnut Thorson

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"With a twin sister, nothing was ever mine."
"I'm yours."

Maina Johansson is the best friend of Ruffnut Thorsson, who is the only person she considers a friend. The brunette girl with brown eyes is not what you would call a people person. Always being scared of adventures, she mostly stayed within the safeness of her own home.
One cloudy day Ruffnut asks Maina to sleep over at her house for once, and after some persuasion, she comes with. There Maina meets her best friend's brother, Tuffnut.
Can he be the one to show her what adventure really is?

In which he loved her from the start


in which she loved him until the end 

I only own Maina and Peggy, everything else is the amazing work of Dreaworks.

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gaarza gaarza Jan 03
I'm gonna pull a Damien from mean girls and say that is so beautiful ❤
JenniferTjandrajana JenniferTjandrajana Feb 08, 2016
Loving this story already. It's about time that there are atories about the twins on wattpad
fanboze fanboze Jul 03
Don't worry about the jackasses and haters in the fandom they're worthless fools amyway! As for your book I love it so far. Just get her involved in some of their pranks against Astrid and snotlout!