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The LGBT Library™ By ZETAUniverse Completed


He wanted someone to love him unconditionally, and without boundaries. 

He wanted someone to love him for him, and not the fame to his name. 

Arnez Rodriquez is the go-getter, and skilled photographer. 

Ace was the handsome and famous Athlete who kept his private life out of the media. Until a wild night, and a trip to Vegas swirls things out of control for both unsuspecting Men. 

Hakeem Shane Henry.
Romance by Z E T A.

DanteNickoy DanteNickoy Jul 01, 2016
Actually it's amazing that you put out so many, yet they are so good.
CindyStrong CindyStrong Jun 04, 2016
Lol, thanks for the mention :)
                              I hate when people say they didn't know a book was boyxboy, it's in the damn title!!
Laprias Laprias Jul 22, 2016
Shouldn't it be Well,? Then again, I could just be reading it weirdly.
Visualdiva Visualdiva Jun 04, 2016
Love the description...heat running up the cheeks!!! Yassss!!!