Mute? (5SOS X Reader)

Mute? (5SOS X Reader)

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Tirza By Tirza_For_Fun Updated Jan 01

(Y/N) (L/N) a new student. She got bullied at her last school, because of her voice. Because of the bullying she diceded to stop talking, even if she has to give up her talent, singing. 

What happens if the bullying doesn't stop at her new school?

What happens when (Y/N) meets Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford?

But what will happen if all 3 of those boy's slowly fall in love with her?
Will they stay friends or will the become enemies? 

And will (Y/N) ever tell them about her talent?

LAHSS5 LAHSS5 Oct 10, 2016
Can we talk about the fact that we find them so attractive even when they make these weird faces cause BFKE FBWKFBSKGBDGKDBFK
potterhead-danosaur potterhead-danosaur Sep 06, 2016
Is it ironic that my BEST friend did that to me, now we do it with each other. Lol
Alexthelion10 Alexthelion10 Oct 23, 2016
It's funny because I actually wear glasses and I've always loved the look of 'nerd' glasses so that's the style XD
I_am_Queen_Syd I_am_Queen_Syd Nov 13, 2016
She wanted a picture of hot guys she got a picture of this FABULOUSNESS
LukexLogic LukexLogic Jun 30, 2016
You have better English than me and that's my first language so... Props to you
I wore an oversized All Time Low sweater with black skinnies today sooo ya I actually dress like that