Sold (Malec)

Sold (Malec)

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Magnus Bane By The_Magnus_Bane Updated Jan 18, 2017

Alec was 19 years old and was terrified to be by himself. 

Traumatized even.

After missing for two years and then being home for six months, he decided that he was ready to go to college. He could get into any college he wanted and for some reason, he chose one that's out of state, all the way in New York. At least Jace was going with him to help.

The problem was, that they didn't end up being roommates. Alec is put with a guy named Magnus Bane, a very outgoing, very colorful and very glittery 20 year old.

Alec is quiet and afraid to speak out, always hiding behind his protector, Jace.

Will Magnus break him out of his shell?

Will Magnus learn why the adorable blue eyed, black haired boy is so fragile?

(Disclaimer! I do not own the mortal instruments nor do I own the characters from it.)

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Klance702 Klance702 Jun 06
I actually did that once. I was meeting my teacher and they asked for my name and I said Bradxandra. I combined my last and first names
I_lIkE_eLmO I_lIkE_eLmO Apr 14, 2017
@M160504 *bows* Thank you, thank you happy to be of service.
- - Jun 28, 2017
Because they are evil bloodthirsty beings that will take over the world someday
I_lIkE_eLmO I_lIkE_eLmO Apr 12, 2017
Unless you're shoving your tallywack up his tallywack hole I suggest you quiet down, Jace, and do NOT. SINK. MY. SHIP.
I thought this said ‘We talked and choked back the fourth’ and I was like the fourth what. What does this mean. Explain pleas.
Maybe bc he’s the one holding the suitcases and who said excuse me? 
                              I’m sorry I’ll go