Another USUK story:: My Farmer Boy

Another USUK story:: My Farmer Boy

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Cardverse! Omegaverse!

Farmer boy and Alpha, Alfred F. Jones runs into the lost Queen of the Spade Kingdom, and helps him get back to the castle. They meet several more times, their affections blooming, growing brighter and stronger with each meeting.

I freaking hate coming up with even the most basic of summaries, but oh well. Here you all go! Another USUK!!!!! Please do enjoy!

I do not own hetalia!!!! Or the pictures used if there are any!

                              Levi what are you doin' here??
                              Go to your hubby (AKA Eren)
The_Weird_Dude The_Weird_Dude Oct 04, 2016
First time reading,  just wanna say, I am calling it now that Alfred is the missing prince. XD
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Aug 25, 2016
.....You know I just want to cuss his mother to the afterlife... I have to calm down though...
TsunderecAmour TsunderecAmour Jul 20, 2016
I...I want to 'Ohnohnohn' so bad but I think it would be inappropriate right now.
EnglandBurntMyUser EnglandBurntMyUser Mar 22, 2016
I'm gonna go on a whim here and guess that the missing king is Alfred
TsunderecAmour TsunderecAmour Jul 20, 2016
Since when did this turn into Attack on Titan? (Am I thinking of the right fandom? Idk, I don't watch it, but I know there is another Levi out there somewhere in another fandom.)