dear jimin | pjm

dear jimin | pjm

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웬디 By -eatseokjins Completed

'she wrote letters to him, but he returned them all back to her.'

-a story in which a girl starts reading back those letters she had once written to a boy. 

starring: park haeri (oc) and park jimin
lowercase intended 

started on: 05/02/16
ended on: 11/02/16

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Chimmynology Chimmynology Dec 14, 2017
Aesthetic af but may I ask, what's the KDrama scenes used?? From what KDrama??
Pure_Grace Pure_Grace Jul 11, 2017
Omg this video is amazing. I had to watch it at least twice.
@bebeburesova read all of it. I know you’re gonna cry like crazy, but there’s an alternate good ending too so cOntiNue reading it anyway, also there’s a part 2 of the story, with Jimin’s letters
silver_charm22 silver_charm22 Jul 22, 2017
Omo! This so awesome!! Really looking forward to this book ✌🏼
Dragneel-sensei Dragneel-sensei Jun 30, 2017
Me be like:
                              "ACK! IT'S BEEN LIKE A DECADE WHEN AUTHOR-NIM UPDATED THIS BOOK!" *plays the video in a clumsy way*
                              "Fall~ everything. Fall~ everything. Fall~ everything. Fall~"
                              "OWEMJI THE AUDIO IS I NEED U, GAAH THE FEELZ!-- *falls literally*"