Boring (Izaya Orihara x Hacker! Emotionless! Male! Reader)

Boring (Izaya Orihara x Hacker! Emotionless! Male! Reader)

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Kykai <3 By FuzzyGamer Updated 11 hours ago

Boring. That's what Izaya thought of (M/N). 

Unlike other humans, (M/N) didn't express any feeling at all. It was so not human. 

He was like his goddamn annoying twin sisters. 

Izaya hated (M/N) just as much as he hated Shizuo, or as he calls him, 'Shizu-chan.' 

But what will Izaya do when he finds out Mr. Emotionless is also the well-known hacker, Zero?

A question I get asked everyday....
                              I still don't know the answer
IdekWhatMyNameIs IdekWhatMyNameIs Dec 27, 2016
I like to think of (M/N) as Sherlock (BBC T.V show) IDK why😂
XxJeffersonLukexX XxJeffersonLukexX Oct 05, 2016
This, my friends is what my friends always tell me
                              - Lucifer
Amyrosia Amyrosia Nov 18, 2016
You ask what's wrong with them but aren't you not that normal too?
I love emotionless characters because of other characters' reactions XD and I love how they finish by show their feelings, '' I'm not happy, I'm like usual *blushing* '' XD it so reminds me someone !
XxJeffersonLukexX XxJeffersonLukexX Sep 06, 2016
* saws Izaya's doujinshis* Hey Izaya!! Can I have some? Like 10 or so