Artistic Lover (Miraculous Ladybug: Nathanael Love Story)

Artistic Lover (Miraculous Ladybug: Nathanael Love Story)

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I don't talk to anyone besides the ones in my mind, my parents are never home, and all I can do is sketch and write whats on my mind.

I'm just your average nerdy girl in Paris being bullied by some of my classmates. Nobody likes me which is what some say, if they say that it has to be true. So I seclude myself alone everyday, but in the end they'll always find a way to hurt me, abuse me and make life hell.. 
I always thought that nobody liked me, that I was ugly, overweight, or that I was I invisible to everyone. But soon I had made a few friends from class, an artist, blogger, fashion designer, model.

Everyday was painful coming to school, but seeing them made me forget that pain. They were so kind and gentle that life took a turn for the better.. I never though being loved would feel amazing, but then again..

Heartbreak feels just as painful..

Nightmares sucks... I DON'T HAV THEM! That's if you don't call being chased by a dinosaur and being eaten by it a nightmare... no biggie
Legenfairy Legenfairy Sep 03
This makes me cry myself to sleep every night...... It's lovely.
squidgirl2 squidgirl2 Feb 24
This is seriously why I try to stay as far as posible from th hings like "love"
It was great what you talking about. Cany wait for the next chapter! ! Also I love that song :'3
You got this from a comic! I see right through you *tries to put on a menacing face but ends up looking like a hamster* well they didn't work
kjellberg- kjellberg- Mar 11
Lol I was reading everything in Nathaneal's point of view up until this point