Butterfly Islands

Butterfly Islands

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Casey is only fifteen years old when her stepfather tries to marry her to a perverted and brutal man twice her age. However, minutes before the wedding, Casey flees into the jungle where she is rescued from her pursuers by a mysterious woman who sets the terrified young girl on a path to becoming a pirate - a path full of adventure, danger, personal struggles, and self-discovery. 

Struggling with her own fears and desires, Casey hovers between being an innocent teenage girl confused about love and her own sexuality, and becoming a ruthless pirate seeking revenge on those who have taken all she cherished away from her. 

Casey strives to win the trust of the Twenty-One Butterflies, a group of female pirates living on Butterfly Islands, a mystic place filled with dazzling butterflies by day and swarms of moths carrying terrifying parasites by night. A disastrous trip by the Twenty-One Butterflies to a floating city in the sky known as God's Mercy, changes everything. While trapped once more in the hands of her former husband-to-be, Casey discovers that there is a traitor in their midst. From that point on, it is a race to save her new friends' lives and to escape from the man who wishes to make the young girl his wife and a slave to his twisted desires.

"Butterfly Islands" is the first book in the Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies series.

If you would like to see cool illustrations of some of the characters, you can visit my website: http://sixbooksinsixmonths.com/

The second book in the series can be found on Amazon. Search for my name and the book 'Maelstrom'.

I love to interact so please comment away:-) Also if you find any mistakes. I would like to get rid of those.

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Kotkoda Kotkoda Apr 09
Very beautifully written! This drew me in and captivated me throughout, and your style is very alluring.
such an epic way to start of a story like this- it made me want to keep reading. as im about to do right now 😁
LastPiece LastPiece Jul 17
A bit gruesome maybe, but aren't pirates merciless? So if someone says one thing whether its a threat or begging to let them(pirates) live they do the opposite or at least just kill most of those people who are no benefit to them so people would be aware to stay aware from pirates?
Aquamarina377 Aquamarina377 Dec 29, 2016
I love this book so far I feel like I will read this book millions of times
Shrekkkkkk Shrekkkkkk Dec 26, 2016
So good!!  I'm really looking forward to this. Congrats on the five stories in english btw. I speak english and even I get confused sometimes 😂  I know that its one of the hardest languages there is so really, good job.
Shrekkkkkk Shrekkkkkk Dec 30, 2016
Yeah! Whoo!! Go random woman who just appeared! You show him!!!