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Zodiac Truth or Dare!

Zodiac Truth or Dare!

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Rebecca 'Becky' Henderson By Xx_ScorpioRocks_xX Updated Jun 29, 2016

Got any questions, dares, what-ifs and would-you-rathers for the zodiacs? Well, comment them down below! The suggestion box is open!

(Guest requests are also available :P)

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Finally a book that uses Scorpio as a female and not a male. 😁
_Periwinkle_Dustmop_ _Periwinkle_Dustmop_ Oct 23, 2016
Hun, Wattpad ruined my innocence... It trampled it in a millisecond, to be exact
Heartyourself Heartyourself Sep 27, 2016
My whole family except me is Virgo. 😅 Imma stay away from them till I forget this...
K_D_hetalien K_D_hetalien Oct 01, 2016
Well, Scorpio went from 0 to 100 REAL quick, REAL effen quick
That sounds like me but, I would just sit on the sidelines and eat popcorn or be a chicken and pick truth all the time.
_Periwinkle_Dustmop_ _Periwinkle_Dustmop_ Oct 23, 2016
Pisces(me): *teleports to my room with wattpad to accompany me*