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Bullied by the Dolan twins// fan fiction

Bullied by the Dolan twins// fan fiction

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I'muraveragefangirl By LostGirlAndPeterPan Updated Aug 28, 2016

*Allison's Pov*
I woke up to my unpleasant alarm clock and an unpleasant day, Monday. I hate school because of the Dolan twins, they've ruined my life, I have scars everywhere on my arms. I don't always show up to school but my parents force me too, so I don't even bother telling them I don't want to go to school. I got up and got changed in my high wasted skinny jeans and a shirt that has daisies on it and obviously a cardigan because it's thing strapped. I quickly put my hair into a messy bun and went downstairs. I ate then brushed my teeth, I did my makeup I don't put a lot of makeup on, mascara light pink lipstick and concealer is all I wear.

"Mom are you driving me because I'm ready" I said.

"Yeah just a second let me get my jacket on" my mom said as she put her jacket on.

We got into my moms car and she drove me to school. As soon as she pulled in I could see the Dolan twins standing at the front door, that's where I have to walk in. I got out of the car and walked to the fron...

NO LISTEN "BITCH" My mom is the only one in charge of me or dare I say my parents NO ONE ELSE
My mom's name is Allison.. 
                              YEAH YOU GO BOYS 😂😂
                              IM KIDDINGGGG
                              a little..
I honestly can't even picture the dolans being anything but nice.. they're just too sweet 💕
LostGirlAndPeterPan LostGirlAndPeterPan Aug 28, 2016
This book was made along time ago, way before I read cut after cut. It's a great book but I made this book up completely by my thoughts. @taylahdxlan
sassyfriends122 sassyfriends122 Oct 17, 2016
How am I a slut look the one who talking man whoreand I flip my hair
                              Ethan*tried to puch her in the face
                              Me:am sorry honey not today ot tommorow or all the day and kick him on the balls and kiss him in the motuth and I flip may hair*
AlexisWyatt21 AlexisWyatt21 Aug 17, 2016
My BestFriends Name is Allison, and I Would Kill Anyone if They Put Their Hands on Her.