This is Lucy dreyar

This is Lucy dreyar

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Christina By Kana12349 Updated Mar 02

Meet Lucy Dreyer! The twin sister of Laxus Dreyer. Catching the eye of all isn't always a good thing. Especially when one eye is that of the black wizard Zeref.

Warning: story will contain some darker themes. No lemons, just some sadder and darker undertones. It is not mature, just a fair warning. Also if your not completely caught up with the manga i wouldn't recommend reading this. 

This is the first book in the: "This Is Lucy Dreyer" series. 

If your not caught up then just wait for the second books release "I am, Wendy Marvell" I will include a spoiler free summery of this book. The second book will not follow the main plot AT ALL. There won't be much of it in this either, just the TOH, SClASS,GMG, and Tartarus. There might be some of it in the third book, but that has been undecided.

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