Romeo And Cinderella (Contestshipping)

Romeo And Cinderella (Contestshipping)

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"The love you both share will become something you both can't live without."

I was taken aback by her words. What was my mom talking about? Love? Didn't she mean food? If she did say 'love' then she should really stop watching those horrible Asian housewife dramas. God, they're awful!


"Yes Dear, love." She nodded. "A couple is married because the love they both shared became something they wanted the most." She added. She then started to work on my hair.

"Uhh, Mom? If it has not dawned on you yet, we were separated for like seven years. And now we're getting married a day after we just met from such a long period of time apart. I don't think that 'love' you're talking about is really there for us to want so badly."

"And I'm not even considering our age yet."

"You're saying something Dear?"

"Nevermind. Why do I even try."

Maybelle Maple and Andrew Hayden became childhood friends because of a strong friendship shared between their grandfathers. But after the sad death of Drew's grandfather, his family went back to his home city in LaRousse for a proper burial. Seven years later, Drew returned due to May's grandfather's request. What request could that be? A forced early marriage arranged for the childhood best buddies. How would May handle her young teenage life with a big "MARRIED" name plate hanging around her neck? A story filled with ROMANCE, DRAMA, and of course, COMEDY! Based on the korean movie "My Little Bride".

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_Laya_ _Laya_ Mar 12
No. That's not Paul. HE HAS BEEN BRAINWASHED, DREW!😱😱😱
A_Teenage_Oreo A_Teenage_Oreo Aug 03, 2016
What??? Don't marry by force,Marry by love!! Let it play out! ☺
A_Teenage_Oreo A_Teenage_Oreo Aug 03, 2016
                              Silence. Pure silence. I am shocked. Pure silence.
EvanAquaWind EvanAquaWind Dec 26, 2016
What the heck do you mean ? Your basically ranting in a story