The De-aged Robin

The De-aged Robin

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raven-123 By RaverGrayson Updated Jul 16, 2017

What happens when Joker shoots some sort of beam at Batman, but Robin takes the hit, and turned into a babbling 3 month old baby.

What will Bruce do...after all he never had to take care of a baby before, and what if the effect is permanent, and Robin has to grow up all over again?

The real question is does Dick want to go back to his proper age, and start again...and this time keep his 'family'.

This is just something I thought of doing since I've been drawing baby Robin/Richard(Dick) Grayson a lot.

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- - Jun 21, 2017
You need to work on your PUNmenship ;)
                              Sorry, even I know that was BAT.
                              Okay, okay. Il stop now.
The_Musical_Trash The_Musical_Trash Aug 23, 2017
But, I'm just imagining what would have happened if Batman took the hit...
the-Robin the-Robin Mar 03, 2016
Seriously if u don't update I'll go insane well more insane anyway
SarilaZaman SarilaZaman Jul 23, 2016
U want to give him the child hood he deserves...(can u see where Im going wid this?)
                              But not the one he needs right now! 😁😁😁
Hadesworld Hadesworld Jul 18, 2016
That's sweet. You must really love her even if she's not where you are.
- - Jul 02, 2016
This story is great!!!btw can you show us some of you'er baby dick Grayson drawings PLEASE!!