The New Me//EDITING//

The New Me//EDITING//

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Phoenix & Dragon By FairyLucyNamiPiece Updated Sep 08, 2016

This year the king has set up a MGMG, Mini Grand Magic Games!! The MGMG is basically a mini version of the GMG. There's a Preliminary Event, not the Sky Labyrinth. Each guild must choose three participants. The Winning Guild gets the prize of 15,000,000 Jewels and an all paid ticket to......A Beautiful Beach with another guild if they want.

Makarov chose Erza as the Fairy Tail team's leader and Erza chose both Mira and Lucy. 

You know that Erza and Mira are both strong but what about Lucy. With the training of both Erza and Mira you will see Lucy rising in strength and confidence to be one of Fairy Tail's strongest mages.

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Lucy: Thank you.
                              Natsu: I ALREADY KNEW-*Cowers in fear*
                              Gray: I know- *Cowers in fear*
                              Guild except for Mira and Lucy: *Cowering in fear.
                              Me: *Grins*
fairylove1501 fairylove1501 Jul 07, 2016
I wonder how their conversation looked outside the barrier....🤔
astroid165 astroid165 Jun 13, 2016
I've seen this description before in I think it was called little sister and her Guadiana
piper570 piper570 Jun 02, 2016
Kagura has gravity magic so she can make herself float which means she can basically fly
Lunar_Phoenix_Slayer Lunar_Phoenix_Slayer Jun 15, 2016
girlyminer10 girlyminer10 Apr 20, 2016
I read that story its about mira erza and lucy too i love lady aces too