Karkat x reader (lemon ♋)

Karkat x reader (lemon ♋)

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Karkat x reader (lemon)

Chapter 1

You're name is ________ . You like basic things. Like art. You dream of being a animated and maybe making a movie. You also like music. you know how to play guitar and the piano and often when your not drawing to write songs. People tell you that you have a great voice but you don't believe them. You often dream of being a star up on stage with a crowd of fans.  But till that happens you're in you're room. It's 11:00 pm and night. You can't sleep. 

You are laying in the bed looking at the ceiling. Rather bored. You want someone to talk to you but you don't think anyone's awake. Just then your laptop starts ringing. You don't answer just stand up and check who it is.  


"Huh. Nepetas on? At this late hour? Maybe she in trouble"

_____ sit down and answer arsenicCatnip

arsenicCatnip started pestering (chumhandle)

AC- * ac wakes up from her sleep to remember she had something very important to say to _____*

AC- *AC jumps on to ______ ...

Ew no 7 blocks who do you think I am do I seem like a very athletic person to you
                              YOUR = BELONGS TO YOU
Ermerged Ermerged Jan 29
favorite color? I would say its black but black's not a color T-T its a shade
All black.... now i can stalk kk at night 😍 😝 😐 😊 😘
I dunt wanna be mean... >-< im a grammar nazi and it's  your in the sense you're using it in sorry...
h0m35uck_7r45h h0m35uck_7r45h Dec 17, 2015
"R-roxy I'm dr-runk" " But you only had one shot of tequila!"