Nothing Ordinary(Yandere!Older!BipperXYoung!Reader)[Completed]

Nothing Ordinary(Yandere!Older!BipperXYoung!Reader)[Completed]

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Miss Unfortunate By HatredOfDesire Completed

How the hell did you get in this in the first place? To be honest, visiting your cousin was the last thing you wanted to do. Despite all your other summer stays in Gravity Falls. You clearly don't remember who you attracted and you certainly don't remember attracting 2 older guys. A blonde obsessive demon who has his eyes set on you and hell bent on breaking you at any day. And a brunette male, he's interested in reading and mysteries, you're just one of the mysteries he hasn't figured out yet. And out of all the choices you should've been through. Damn, who knew you brought anything but the ordinary kind of people?


*This story is Completed. It goes to A-Z. :)*
Edited: 9/18/17

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that_1_gay_chick that_1_gay_chick Nov 13, 2017
Wait, Bipper?
                              Either you made a typo, or this is a triple ship.
murderouspanda666 murderouspanda666 Jun 15, 2017
I'm innocent?? Pfft I wish... I've read too much yaoi and smut to be innocent.
Neve_eveN Neve_eveN Aug 01, 2016
I know this place like the back of my hand!
                              Hey that's new....
BillNyeYourMomsAGuy BillNyeYourMomsAGuy Apr 28, 2016
Please update! This story is already really good, I love it!