Mr. Solid No(Levi x Eren)

Mr. Solid No(Levi x Eren)

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Levi's POV
Why are girls so stupid? "Can you be my boyfriend?" "I like you a lot." "Can we go out?" Stop it. My answer is the same.. no. Just no. If they can't handle 'No' then why did they ask me out? I'm not interested. No. That's my answer if you fucken ask me. 

Eren's POV 
Mr. Solid No? Rumors are spreading around the school like wild fire. Who is this Mr. Solid No? I don't know but I wanna know. Girls are crying every day.. it's only first Semester..
Levi wasn't popular when he first started high school. He was a nerd who loved to read and get straight A's but all that changed when girls fell for him.

Eren was the one Levi wanted. Deep inside Eren was confused by it all but Levi hoped, he will get his life back if he was with Eren but the problem is, he can't.

extra27 extra27 2 days ago
Your forgetting he said he likes YOU I mean WHO FORGETS THAT
                              EREN: I'll give you 1 if u just leave me alo-
                              Levi:  WILL ACCEPT UR OFFERING PEASENT
I laughed harder than I should have. I had so many pick up lines, and jokes go through my head. 😂😂
alanareedy alanareedy 2 days ago
When someone cries I just pat them on the head and they're just like "wow that helped ALOT"
Was it that serious that you had to kill yourself over one irrelevant person?