Mr. Solid No(Levi x Eren)

Mr. Solid No(Levi x Eren)

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ig||yaoismex By kawen14 Updated Jun 01, 2017

Levi's POV
Why are girls so stupid? "Can you be my boyfriend?" "I like you a lot." "Can we go out?" Stop it. My answer is the same.. no. Just no. If they can't handle 'No' then why did they ask me out? I'm not interested. No. That's my answer if you fucken ask me. 

Eren's POV 
Mr. Solid No? Rumors are spreading around the school like wild fire. Who is this Mr. Solid No? I don't know but I wanna know. Girls are crying every day.. it's only first Semester..
Levi wasn't popular when he first started high school. He was a nerd who loved to read and get straight A's but all that changed when girls fell for him.

Eren was the one Levi wanted. Deep inside Eren was confused by it all but Levi hoped, he will get his life back if he was with Eren but the problem is, he can't.

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Yoi_Otaku Yoi_Otaku Jan 02
How could they NOT tell he was gay by now? He mad it so freaking obvious
slice_of_boring slice_of_boring May 14, 2017
Me when I'm trying to figure out why ma friends are ignoring me😂😂😂
Notice_Me_Senpai14 Notice_Me_Senpai14 May 21, 2017
As you can see, a Levi in its natural habitat picking on the.. less fortunate
Writerfox_1 Writerfox_1 Nov 28, 2017
"The boy I like doesn't love me back because he is gay! I'm going to kill myself now!"
                              Like seriously, wtf was running through her head when she ended it?
FreaklyDifferent FreaklyDifferent Apr 16, 2017
He says as he is trying to punch him. Smooth Levi. Real smooth.
Rainbowgayxgayyaoi Rainbowgayxgayyaoi Dec 15, 2017
These girls need to get their priorities straight they don’t need Levi specifically go find someone you actually love not a random hot dude U THINK you like.