Destroying Love

Destroying Love

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kpiza944 By kpiza944 Updated Jan 17

Love sucks

Love hurts

Love destroys

Love is not all heart and flowers, there is no man to sweep me off my feet, no alpha male, ok wait scratch that there is an alpha male who is gorgeous, tattoos, a lip ring, amazing body, and plays in a  band. Any girls would go crazy for him, I am crazy for him, and I have been in love with him since I was 5 years old, sadly he only sees me as a little sister. The guy that makes me say fuck love is  my best friend, Aiden fucking Winters, the lead singer  of TRUCE. Not only does me see me as a little sister, but there is also a little tiny problem...... Ok a big problem he's seeing someone else.

And that someone else happens to be an upcoming rockstar her self, how the hell am i supposed to compete with that. She's everything i'm not.

Yup you heard right, I'm in love with my best friend who is madly in love with someone else

My name is Isabella Conte and this is my story of  how love ended up destroying me.


This story does contain mature content

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Hamilton_Lover1 Hamilton_Lover1 Jul 18, 2017
I'm sorry but I'm confused. Was she already with Aiden or is this just a dream or? Someone please help me.
knightsreader knightsreader Apr 16, 2016
wow great storyline!! its original that's why I love it!  i can't wait for you to begin this journey. and I'm going to stick with u like a leech yeah. it's only the prologue but I'm already crying ffs!
Mary-EllenGomez Mary-EllenGomez Feb 19, 2016
Soundstage hauntingly beautiful. You are very talented in your writing.  I always can feel the characters emotions. I can't wait.
mango17plush mango17plush Feb 06, 2016
OK you got me hooked can't wait till you start oh finish that book, cus I'm so ready for this.
Tabdog Tabdog Apr 17, 2016
You never cease to amaze me with your work... I love the prologue!!
Anett-person2020 Anett-person2020 Feb 08, 2016