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||Tonight I Need You To Stay||TwentyOnePilots||

||Tonight I Need You To Stay||TwentyOnePilots||

44.1K Reads 1K Votes 33 Part Story
Alice By joshdunitx Completed

•Lexie Jenson was a 18 year old girl. She seemed fine, and okay. But really inside she was losing the battle to her demons. She desperately needed help. One night, she cracked. She couldn't take it anymore. She wanted her life to end. But then she met Tyler Joseph, the lead singer to a band called Twenty Øne Piløts.•

||Ok so this is like my first book that I've wrote and idk if it's good or not lol||

I like the rhythm of this story. It doesn't drag on, but it's not too fast.
Natalie2090 Natalie2090 Nov 21, 2016
Awesome.. I have already fallen head over heels for this book.. :)
dkkwksos dkkwksos Sep 11, 2016
I've barely started reading and am excited for all these references😂
WolfyXgetscaredXBvBX WolfyXgetscaredXBvBX Dec 09, 2016
Can any of you read my Josh dun fanfic xD I'm losing faith in finishing it
cliqueasfrick21 cliqueasfrick21 Nov 21, 2016
Nine in the afternoon was it 😏😏😏 *que music,start singing* back to the streets where we began
Wizardkitkat Wizardkitkat Dec 18, 2016
By reading this one chapter, I remembered that I've read this fanfiction before, and I do NOT like the outcome of it all AT ALL. (Except for, you know, that final little end part.........WHICH I WILL NOT SPOIL!) I mean, I loved the story, but........I just didn't like what had to happen.