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Can't Help Myself (DonniexMikey)

Can't Help Myself (DonniexMikey)

23.4K Reads 965 Votes 13 Part Story
Raphonardo By Raphonardo Completed

Mikey has feelings for Donnie, but is nervous to tell him. He is able to hide his feelings well, but his patience will be tested when he realized what Donnie's crush, April, is doing.
It's pretty obvious that Donnie likes April, even she knows it. And that's why she uses his crush to her advantage.
Mikey may seem on the dumber side, but he can see what April is doing. He is actually secretly very intelligent, maybe more intelligent than Donnie.
Mikey is the only one who seems to take notice of what she's doing to Donnie. Whenever April's around, Mikey would get very irritated. 
When April finds out that he likes Donnie, what will happen? What will she do? Is April as innocent as she seems to be?