Kpop Smuts

Kpop Smuts

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KrisKook By KrisKook Updated Sep 29

It was around 10 pm and your boyfriend wasn't home from work yet. He always seemed to be busy whenever you wanted attention. But you wanted him to succeed at his career in the boy band he was in.

Earlier that day, you bought some stunning lingerie. Just a little present to show off to Sehun. But he wasn't here.

"Bummer" you thought to yourself as you saw how late it was getting. 

A couple minutes later, around 10:30, you heard a car pull up outside your house.

You slowly walked toward your front window in your room to gaze outside.

The car outside was unfamiliar. You had never seen this car before. You quickly sneaked over to your lamp and you turned it out and retrieving the emergency nice you keep under your pillow.

Lucky you all the lights were out downstairs. You went back to the window to get another look at the car. 
You didn't see the strangers face. Only a black ski mask hiding his face.

The figure was slim, shoulders a little broad, and had a little height along with hi...

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