Everlasting Love (✔️)

Everlasting Love (✔️)

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Spiritual Romance:           
#01 Spiritual 30/08/16, 27/12/16, 30/12/16

Talia Jabran is a young girl who saved all her love in her life just for her husband. She believes that she only wanted to fell in love with her husband . She was innocent , hopeless romantic and had a dream of prince charming as a husband.But destiny had different plans for her.

Wali Azad is a man of Talia Jabran's dreams.He was one who destiny choose for Talia.  He was reserved, bipolar and heartless that what Talia think about him.  He always angry and cold towards Talia but who actually Wali Azad is? Is he hiding something from her? And what secrets he is hiding? 

❇Ma'shaa Allah it's an amazinggggg & lovely book & ma'shaa Allah very well u've written & describe all the scenario's! WaLia are so lovely! morning moment was cute. :)) @Brushra_Siddiqui

 ❇Masha Allah very nice story. It's just dope!!! Congrats keep on going. Anxiously waiting for  updates. @bintalamoody96

❇Nitasha Ahmed so far this is my favorite book amongst all your books and by that I mean I have read all your books you have really inspired me turned me into something I never thought that I could become. All your books are so inspirational they give you hope where there is none. They give light where there is darkness.'-@umm_5442

❇Love it soo much. It the best book I ever read before. Love it and I can't wait for the next update. - @Bookworm455

❇This is one of the best novels I've ever read I just loved it . Awsome work Natasha keep writing #stayblessed❤' @EllafAhmed

❇Do you have any idea how much I love this book? 
Honestly I can't even tell you
Like seriously I have added this book last month nd completed by compromising my sleep and wait that was worth....I literally read this book each and every week
Every time I read this story I cry nd laugh with your words
I have no words to tell you
Even the whole dictionary will not be able to define that!✌❤' @mariyasiddiqua

And much more but I c

Pt333333 Pt333333 Apr 06, 2016
Omg the cover got this book is so beautiful! Can't wait to start reading! Thanks#
rainaangel rainaangel Mar 30, 2016
Such a nice start :) I watch some serials on zindagi channel . They are nice too , especially Fawad Khan ! Such a handsome personality ;)
Cardoniajean Cardoniajean 4 days ago
That's just messed up, Wali's wife loves him and wants to serve him and he's treating her like dirt... Something is very wrong.
Cardoniajean Cardoniajean 4 days ago
Yes! This woman is very much in love this man, i just don't understand how he doesn't care for that. What's wrong with him?
K_karli K_karli Dec 11, 2016
This is the first chapter and it brought tears to my eyes. (In a good way )
                              loved it!!!
Mymouna143 Mymouna143 Jun 14, 2016
Lol..discussion abt the new tr....😁 ...and the first thing came is his ages😛