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The Bad Boy I Once Knew (sequel to Frenemies) {Grayson Dolan fanfic}

The Bad Boy I Once Knew (sequel to Frenemies) {Grayson Dolan fanfic}

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dolan af By dreamyxdolans Completed

The love story between Grayson and Adriana continues on until an unexpected breakup comes in between them. But moving to LA with her best friend Julia may solve the sadness that over came Adriana. 

After 3 years of Adriana and Grayson not seeing each other, what happens when they meet after so long? 

How will they feel towards each other?

Does Adriana see Grayson differently since they haven't see each other in a long time?

Would they gain their feelings for each other again, and get back together?

If things get bumpy during the road of their relationship, how will Adriana solve things to make it get back perfect?

Well I guess you have to read to find out. 

*This is a sequel to my other story Frenemies! So if you haven't read that story first, I suggest you should before you read this one! :)

>>> other story I have is Best Mistake ! And my new one called The Switch Up !

graydolan99 graydolan99 May 03, 2016
anybody think of high school musical whenever they switched phones and then yea anyways
jodesterleigh jodesterleigh Apr 10, 2016
Well all I can say is that I'm sure Nate and Adriana are gonna get together
unicorn_poop37 unicorn_poop37 Mar 01, 2016
Even though I'm pretty sure that everything's alright and I know this is just a fanfiction, I'm still about to burst into tears. Lol
Kiley_rhea Kiley_rhea Feb 25, 2016
Yay can't wait!!!! I'm so excited. I literally read ALL of the first one in two days so I'm pretty fúcking excited
dolan4life8 dolan4life8 Jul 14, 2016
Why do I have a feeling he put in Grayson's number and not his own???
melaneyvictoria melaneyvictoria Apr 15, 2016
This is the best kid of story because i love when they don't see each other for a while and then she see each other and it's so cute