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The Trump Dumpers By trump_dumpers Completed

Trump haters, hop aboard!

This is our, albeit SLIGHTLY exaggerated, prediction of America's future. 

When Trump takes control of America, establishing his tyrannous rule over the country, five close high school friends are forced apart by the new rigid class system of Circles. 

Maddie is a prodigy, chosen for the highest Circle and destined for greatness. 

Emma is sent away to the Moderate Circle, to live an average life. 

April, Julie, and Rylee are deemed potential rebels and shipped off to a camp for the Lowlies, members of the bottom tier of society. 

Will their friendship transcend the boundaries of society? And, most importantly, will it be powerful enough to defeat Trump?

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I'm noticing a pattern here. Those who support Trump have lower grades, while those who don't have higher grades.
Bye America. *gets in the TARDIS* *flies away into the sunset*
-evelynn -evelynn May 31
What else
                              Is there a new gravitational pull to the US for those poor people who want to go to Canada, UK, etc
crystalocs crystalocs Jul 12
Loathing unadulterated loathing so pure so strong loathing unadulterated loathing