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Jace Thompson wasn't much of a lady. She didn't cross her legs together when she sat, she didn't fancy wearing dresses, she didn't like to wear makeup. Her manners were poor, her habits were sloppy, and she cursed like a sailor. However, underneath the layers of her nasty and brash attitude, Jace was respectable. 

Her mother didn't agree with Jace's "quirks"and often nagged her about it. Growing up, being sent to etiquette classes was a constant threat, but her etiquette wasn't the problem. She could be classy when the time required her to. The problem was her mean exterior. 

Ruggiero De Fiore was close to being the epitome of the word 'gentleman.' He was the type of guy that gave up his seat to a woman if none were left or hold the door for a long line of women, no matter how snobby or uptight they may be. He never sat before a lady did nor did he criticize a home-made meal. Trust that in his lifetime, he had tasted several meals that he wanted to spit back onto the plate, but it was distasteful and ungrateful to draw attention to a dish's insipidity. 

A bar and a back-to-back order of orange juice with vodka in downtown Memphis brought the two together, and another order brought her into his bed. He seemed to lose his manners when it came to her. Ruggiero agreed to the accusations of her being mean, but it was against his morals to call out on it. 

He didn't think that he would get the chance to regardless, as she was out of his hair before the sun even rose. That was until he bumped into Jace a year later at that same bar in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee.  That time, he didn't have plans of letting her slip through his fingers so easily again. He wanted to see just how mean she could be. 

Even if that meant giving up his gentlemanly reputation for the sake of breaking through her rough exterior.

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natashaerin natashaerin Dec 02, 2017
This is fantastic so far, I’m excited to read more! I would appreciate it if anyone would read my new novel “Falling For the Man in a Boy Band” and let me know your thoughts :)
uncoventionally uncoventionally Apr 30, 2017
It's really not good for your boobs to sleep in a bra and I don't understand why anyone would