Up in the Air

Up in the Air

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krista By CrayonChomper Updated Jul 08, 2016

"How do you choose from three kinds of perfect?"

*   *   *   *   *

Most people know me as the smartest girl in school but my real name is Sara Preston. 

My life changed when I wore a dress with more sparkle than a disco ball 

The football captain who was my childhood best friend.
An Honors student with the most amazing blue eyes and a British accent.
My childhood nemesis who could disarm a nuclear bomb with his smile.

How do you choose from three kinds of perfect?

You just can't.

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cover by @FvckHumans

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ImYourAverageTeen15 ImYourAverageTeen15 Aug 22, 2017
one of my good friends was this. Dunno if they even say hi to each other
nicaya514 nicaya514 Jun 06, 2017
No, I don't think so it is the limit u can go then again I don't drive, because I'd most likely kill everything accidentally
ultravioleting ultravioleting Jul 31, 2017
my alarm goes off at about 7 and i snooze it until about 7:45 oops
ultravioleting ultravioleting Jul 31, 2017
ok i don't want her to end up with him if he treated her like that he is out of the shipping party bye bye
sassdiscster sassdiscster May 02, 2017
2 minutes into this book and I already know I'm not going to like Nate lmao
ultravioleting ultravioleting Jul 31, 2017
wait yall out here taking shots to avoid using epipens how have i not heard about this before i have to carry mine around everywhere in case of anaphylactic shock bitch i want shots