The alpha's kitten. [complete]

The alpha's kitten. [complete]

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I was just about to turn into my house, when an arm wrapped around my waist and another covered my mouth. I tried to get away and squirmed under their grip. But I was just dragged and thrown in a van. There were 2 men in the back. When I was thrown in, one of the guys with black hair picked me up and sat me down in a seat. I struggled under his grip, trying to kick him away from me. Then I kicked him where the sun don't shine. He grunted and fell to the floor, I tried to run to the doors, but another guy with dirty blond hair pulled me back and put a cloth over my face, and dragged me back to the seat and sat me down, keeping the cloth covering my mouth and nose the whole time.

Black dots began dancing in my vision. I began to feel drowsy. 

Eventually, I fell into a pit of darkness, and the darkness consumed me.



Human, that's what she is. Alexis, is human, just an ordinary human girl. One day she is kidnapped from her school by rogues looking for some fun. When they stumble upon the alpha, thing take a different turn. The alpha just happens to be Alexis' mate, Damien. He is a very powerful alpha who could kill you with the snap of his fingers. He takes care of Alexis, who is now aware of the supernatural kind, but danger is coming their way as people discover the alpha has nothing but a weak human as a mate.

Will she survive?
Will they accept each other?
Will they over come the dangers coming their way, together?

Read and find out...




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