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He Belongs In Detention, and in my Heart. (he's also my brothers best friend)...Crap!

He Belongs In Detention, and in my Heart. (he's also my brothers best friend)...Crap!

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Katie Tarr By xLimewireJunkiex Completed

Sydney is no one in school, the only reason people even know her name is her brother and his best friend, one of the hottest boys in high school Zander. Usually she avoids those two because she hates attention, but after one Saturday detention, the relationship between her and her brothers best friend has changed. They went from acquaintances, to much...much more. As everything around her changes, so does she and she can't tell if it's for the better or for the worse. Can she keep the secret of a blooming relationship out of the light that surrounds Zander due to his popularity, and most importantly can she keep a secret from her brother?

OfAnUndergroundAngel OfAnUndergroundAngel Jul 27, 2015
Syd, sweetheart, you're in a romance story. SOMETHING exciting is bound to happen.
bands_lover1 bands_lover1 Mar 29, 2015
I'm with the boy I love with a passion heavy metal and punk rock and screamo my life revolves around this type of music!!
MinnyMax1 MinnyMax1 Dec 19, 2014
By keep pressing it I mean they held it tightly on their hand and kept pressing the button on the top
MinnyMax1 MinnyMax1 Dec 19, 2014
A lot of the boys at my school have scars on the top of their hands in a rectangle shape cause they thought it was tough to press an inhaler on their hands and keep pressing it, even when their hands started bleeding.
- - Nov 28, 2014
Mainly ADTR. I'm not into full out but a little doesn't bother me as long as it's not annoying and high pitched like PTV, SWS, or OMAM which, no offense to anyone, I hate all of those with a passion. I just stick to Linkin Park, Skillet, and ADTR
noemiealegria2 noemiealegria2 Aug 13, 2014
^ WOW! ten years old?! and you did that?! then you say that her life sucks? geez you're pretty much a slut to me