Searching For Jane

11 Part Story 3.5K Reads 129 Votes
Livvi By AndSheWrites Completed
After the loss of his daughter in a horrific car crash, Alan spirals through a journey of paranoia and insanity in order to reunite his shattered family. 
    As loneliness and confusion grip him, will Alan recover from the blow that ruined his life?
I really love this. It brings up an interesting question because I don't think I could ever do that job. Brilliant I am really enjoying it!
interesting read so far. it looks good! I'm going to read on :)
Urgh. What a horrible job to do! I don't think I could EVER do anything like that!  Good storyline so far--reading on.
Oh my i don't think i could do her job at all, i am going to read more =) Just a little hint though add more detail it will help your writing alot trust me.
Nice start, but I think it's a bit rushed (or it's just me).
I think it lacked a bit of descriptions..... but it was a very great start! you did a good job! :)