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Cali Egypt Tate


Within a blink of an eye the things you never imagine could go away, the people we love could be taken in seconds. It takes minutes to develop feelings for someone, an hour to evaluate how deep those feelings are, a day to realize you love them, and a lifetime to forget them. I never thought that would ever happen to Genesis and I, I kept myself waiting for him. I knew all along from the first time him and I had gotten together, he would be my first kiss, first love, and to being my everything. My father even liked him, he didn't even like the fact that I was getting into boys so young. Genesis could win over anybody though, he had a voice that when he spoke you really listened. He was respectable when he needed to be, he saved that street mentally for when it came time for business. Genesis was only sixteen, like most guys his age he made his money the best way he could and that was selling whatever drug was handed down to him. I've heard stories ...

fefeprewitt fefeprewitt Apr 14
it depends on how long we've been together & how many years he got. But i honestly wouldn't know unless I was really in that situation.
Xannny Xannny Apr 20
My boyfriend has five years too and only served one and I hate it already 💔
NycieLewis0 NycieLewis0 Apr 12
I mean stuff happens but if you really loved him you wouldn't just cut him off like that , that's messed up
AliPolly- AliPolly- 6 days ago
I would hold my boyfriend down no sex no man could ever compare to the love I have for my man. He nor will I go anywhere. 😭 I couldn't cheat on my man I'm sorry 5+ years idc he mine I'm his dead asf to think I'll leave my man for 5years
It all depends on 3 things 
                              1 how long we've been together 
                              2 how long the sentence is 
                              3 how strong our love is for each other
Wow... you not a real one. Can't hold down for your woe? And you claim that you love him