Searching A Jacob Sartorius Fan Fic COMPLETED

Searching A Jacob Sartorius Fan Fic COMPLETED

31.4K Reads 691 Votes 16 Part Story
Hii! By hotspecies Completed

Sam wilkinson the Father of Lia Wilkinson. 

Lia. She's different. She's not like other girls.

We followed her into the woods. Onto the train. Onto the plane. 

No more to be found of the beautiful girl Named Lia.

"None of this matters if we don't find Lia!" I cried.

"You don't have to look far"

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XJxssxlX XJxssxlX Mar 09, 2017
I only have $500 for a MONTHLY allowance and I don't even use half of it! °
memesadilla memesadilla May 12, 2017
Wtf this girl has 8,000 me over her has like 550$ 🌝✌️👏🤗✋😌🙁🌜
alexasartoriussoon alexasartoriussoon Mar 17, 2017
Axel is my brothers name and he is friend with Blake gray just saying😂
candyfire111 candyfire111 May 29, 2017
I get £5 a week that means about £15 a month correct me if I'm wrong
Chandlers_Chins Chandlers_Chins Mar 02, 2017
8000$ wth there is no way her family has 6 kids and she has that nice of a room, and 8000, and her big ass purse like wth
gmwxgallavich gmwxgallavich Feb 05, 2017
snip snip snip when the scissors through the the whit school paper on my desk.