Wolves And Dragons: The Story of Eret's Sister

Wolves And Dragons: The Story of Eret's Sister

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Lupa By This-Girl-Is-No-One Updated Jan 01

"Go!" He yelled pushing her through the gap. "Run and don't stop!"

"No I'm not leaving you behind!" She screamed grabbing his hand and trying to pull him through.

"Don't worry Lupa, we'll see eachother again soon I promise!"

"When? I don't want to leave you behind Eret!" He looked into her deep green eyes that were brimming with tears.

"Someday." He said firmly. "I promise we'll see eachother and we'll stick together no mater what

"Like wolves should?" She asked releasing his arm.

"Like wolves." He said with a firm nod.


They threw her to the wolves in hopes of getting rid of her. But she came out leading the whole pack.

Beware the girl who protects the wolves, for she has no mercy for those who bring harm to them. Beware the her wrath. Beware the Wolf Queen

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Οπα ρε φιλε ειπαμε ο Ντραγκο γαμιεται
ΣΗΙΤ Ι ΗΑΤΕ Υ!! ΝΩΩΩ!! Σεριουσλυ?! (Sorry if my Greek isn't the best, I'm still learning)