Lyon's Legacy--Chapter One

Lyon's Legacy--Chapter One

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Sandra Ulbrich Almazan By SF4EVER Updated Jun 11, 2013

People always call when you're in the middle of something uninterruptable, like sampling kidneys. My elbow-length gloves were immersed in ripe-smelling nutrient broth as I cornered the Brooks-Jones kidney in the tank, trying not to squeeze it. Just when I had it, my handheld chimed in the pocket of my lab coat. My hands slipped, and the half-grown kidney darted off. As much as I wanted to drop the handheld in the broth, I didn't dare; the chime pattern indicated someone from company headquarters was calling. And that meant it was time for my least favorite job.

I lifted one hand out of the broth and shook it off before answering, still chasing the errant kidney with the other hand. "Jo here."

"This is Catherine." The company president's personal assistant-my hunch was right. "Are you busy?"

I reached back into the tank and grasped the squishy organ. "I'm in the middle of sampling."

"Is there another tech out there who can take over?"

There were three, but they were more interested...