The Colour of Death

The Colour of Death

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A/N: This is just something we had to write in History last year to do with the Bubonic Plague... It's from the perspective of an Italian girl who lives in a village at the time and everything that's mentioned are things that actually happened... and yeah... enjoy :)

July 14th 1348 - Dawn

Dear Alfredo,

            I'm afraid that I don't have any good news to tell you this morning. Father is starting to show early signs of the plague. We are all very frightened. Blister and boils are covering him all over and he seems to be quite feverish. Mother says that we shouldn't tell anyone just yet until we're sure. Our village hasn't caught the plague yet so we're scared about what will happen to us. My only friend Alvaro hears news from all over Italy from his Master. He is the only one who doesn't think that I am strange. A lot of the children my age think I am strange because I like to keep as clean as possible. He told me that he has heard of people being bricked up in their houses with...

The_Oracle The_Oracle Dec 30, 2010
I really don't like history
                              My scores are always average and my reports just suck.
                              I wish we could just live in the present and forget the past
joooceeey joooceeey Dec 12, 2010
@bacutie4eva My 1st year of history this year. Year 12 is still a couple of year away for me but not to far behind. Lol
joooceeey joooceeey Dec 12, 2010
@bacutie4eva Lower than what I wanted but still at an average (so a pass).
joooceeey joooceeey Dec 11, 2010
If I read this sooner it would've help me understand the plague better for my history, bummer. I just got I grade for it a couple of weeks ago.
iSammy iSammy Dec 04, 2010
                              So she does die? Bummer D:
bacutie4eva bacutie4eva Dec 04, 2010
@iSammy it was just supposed to be 3 or 4 entries about it and if she died then... she kinda can't write :s
                              yeah, it was just a one off thing i had to do for a history project :s
                              im glad u liked it though! :)