The Passion | Two Yanderes x reader

The Passion | Two Yanderes x reader

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It's your first day at the hardest school to get into Kurokami Academy. Kurokami Academy only allows "important" student into there school. Did I mention your the Prime minister's daughter? 

Not like that can keep Hiro and Kisumu from you though..

-Thank you @kawaikatz for the title name!-

Be prepared for the worst thing you'll ever read, smh. - Ichigo

BASSY!!!!! why you wearing glasses!?! You stole it form Claude?!
So..if i brang up Toradora! And showed you how Tiger is a stalker for her 'Senpai' is that less or more creepy?
Wear everything in your closet. Every single item. It'll be beautiful.
Shu Sakamait is that you~ or maybe that is my little bro Alois Trancy~
Imma wear a Red turtle neck, a black leather jacket, a pair of black jeans, then commando boots X)
                              Dont forget to bring my mini Artillery set~
Here I have a perfect outfit 
                              - puts in trash bin - 
                              OMG U R SO BEAUTIFUL 😍