The Passion | Double Yandere x reader

The Passion | Double Yandere x reader

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Ichigo By DespairCircus Completed

It's your first day at the hardest school to get into Kurokami Academy. Kurokami Academy only allows "important" student into there school. Did I mention your the Prime minister's daughter? 

Not like that can keep Hiro and Kisumu from you though..

-Thank you @kawaikatz for the title name!-

( Original work not fanfiction)

Bathe yourself in chocolate or put on boot cut jeans and a shirt that says 'oh snap' and then go yo the party and snap someone neck
I love it how everyone is yelling reiji sasuke or Sebastian or rogue and him just like
                              iZAYA ORIHARA ANYONE-
I'm just gunna call the Naruto and Sasuke instead of their real names, sorry Author-chan
DianaMioda DianaMioda 5 days ago
How do you know where i live? Do i live in like "The prime minister mansion" or something like that? Is that why you know or are you just a stalker? I'm curious!!!
Me: Ok!
                              *sits down to them and smiles at Hiro*
                              Hiro: NO DIRECT EYE CONTACT
                              *shoves fingers into my eye and pulls it out*
StefaK StefaK Nov 23
So basically if Sebastian (Black Butler) and Kisumi (Free!) had a child that would probably be Kisumu