That Nerd [To Be Published]

That Nerd [To Be Published]

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Laylaa Khan By xThePineappleGirlx Completed

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Ever broken into Disney World at three in the morning? 
Ever pranked the police and almost gotten arrested for it?
Ever played paintball at the park in nothing but your underwear?

Maya hasn't. 
But she is about to...

Dylan Thompson is the most popular guy in the school and is seeking revenge after Maya slapped him for being a 'pervert'. 

What would you do if you were Maya?
Move to Mexico and change your name to Rico and then proceed to move into an apartment with a goat owner named Pablo, obviously.

What does Maya do?
She doesn't run, instead she kicks him where the sun don't shine and slaps him again.

Time for revenge nerd.


WARNING: Contains mild language & may cause many eyes rolls, fangirl moments and tears. 


Copyright © by xThePineappleGirlx

Always64224 Always64224 Aug 08
I always spell it qithouy an E and then my sister gets so pissed off because she can't stand grammar/spelling mistakes...😂
Nice story! Would you like to get more readers? :) Then visit this website!
03Risha15 03Risha15 2 days ago
I like it...I know it will make a great movie....👏👌
I'm just going to but it so I am able to recommend it within ppl knowing I own this app.
Ummmmmm no. But........ I'm going to read it thou just not buy it, please not the puppy dog eye's! !!!!!!
baileycocoluver baileycocoluver 4 days ago
(In a polite manner) how old are you that you're this accomplished. Very nice. I'll look into buying the book