Back Together Again - LadyNoir

Back Together Again - LadyNoir

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mae :)) By tony_flipping_stark Updated Jul 27, 2016

Marinette moved away with her family to London halfway through her sophomore year of high school in Paris, leaving Chat Noir, Adrien, and all of her friends behind. 

London needed a hero, and for 2 years she was that hero. She trained, became even more powerful, and perfected her skills. 

But now she's back, and her relationship with Chat Noir is more rocky than ever. How are they ever going to fix their friendship, and become the fighting duo they once were to save all of Paris?


I don't own Miraculous Ladybug, or any of the characters associated with it (including Melody. she is actually a character the creators made a long time ago, but never used. she may appear in the series but for now i just used their general idea)

{only read if you're 13+ because of swearing, sexual content and alcohol mentions}

cgarcia3595 cgarcia3595 Jun 27, 2016
Um... come back flying *grins and makes Chat make kitten sadden face*
SerenaDaFangirl SerenaDaFangirl Apr 19, 2016
                              Fanfic Cena came out of no where. Hit me in the feels.
AerodynamicZ AerodynamicZ Mar 30, 2016
                              ~Frozone's wife, Incredibles.
So oblivious! Marinette told Adrian that she was leaving too to the same place...
AerodynamicZ AerodynamicZ Mar 30, 2016
Looting in paris. Dead (or worse) Chat Noir or dead HawkMoth, and a lot of squished akumas.
Marichatlove04 Marichatlove04 Jun 07, 2016
I have a conspiracy that the bee miraculous holders going t o be Chloe and her identity when she's transformed is going to be queen bee