Queen Of Thorns: (One-Punch-Man: Genos X OC)

Queen Of Thorns: (One-Punch-Man: Genos X OC)

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She sat in the middle the ruined city, looking at me with tears in her eyes.

As an image of a smiling man is seen in a short distance.

I don't understand...

Why is she looking at me as if she's scared?

Had I done anything wrong?

"Would you like to know more about Hana?" The man laugh as she's still trembling.

I want to ask her what's wrong...

"Or should I call her...."

"The Queen of Thorns?"


And another story... Swear, Genos drove me crazy! Even half of his face is missing he's still God-damn handsome! Hahaha hope you'd like it!


EVERY possible mistake.
Speeling(this is intended)

And etc. I reread my works so I'm sure they'll be fix.

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Why not some Japanese flower name~ like Tsubaki Fuji or something. Though Hana is okay...
Bebop_creativity Bebop_creativity Feb 22, 2016
I know the feeling. I'm writing an Genos x Oc fanfic. I can never stop fangirling about Genos.^.^
kiwi_smileXD kiwi_smileXD Feb 27, 2016
Lol her name is flower flower X3 her name reminds me of the devil fruit Hana Hana fruit that Nico Robin ate
TMHatter TMHatter Feb 08, 2017
Imma just call her flowey.
                              "My name is flowey! Flowey the flower!"