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Dimitri's Point of View in Vampire Academy (VA fans) (Book 1)

Dimitri's Point of View in Vampire Academy (VA fans) (Book 1)

529K Reads 10.3K Votes 20 Part Story
Shelby Petrie By LittleDhampir18 Completed

The powerful blend of human and vampire blood flows through Dimitri Belikov, making him a Dhampir. Dimitri is dedicated to a dangerous life of protecting Moroi from the Strigoi. Nothing stopped Dimitri from committing to a hard life of killing and facing death. Until he meets Rose Hathaway. A dhampir like himself, he is bound to teach her the ways of their kind. As their friendship grows Dimitri finds himself falling for her. Not only is it morally wrong but it scares him. As he battles his love life he soon discovers that facing death isn't the only thing he'll have to worry about. Follow Dimitri and his ongoing struggles throughout the first book of Vampire Academy by the original author Richelle Mead.

ferntailwarriors ferntailwarriors Nov 22, 2016
"It wasn't out of disgust as much as it was out of respect." Gods I love Dimitri👏🖖
TheDarkMisstres TheDarkMisstres Jun 21, 2016
And thus the "blood bond" (I'm pretty sure that's what it was called)  is discovered!
mattycannotswim mattycannotswim Nov 13, 2016
I'm having chest pains remembering when dimitri said that rose's hair is beautiful
who here only read the part where dimitri almost had sex with rose
detroyet detroyet Jul 13, 2016
When I typed in vampire academy I was very excited to read this. I always love these books
ferntailwarriors ferntailwarriors Nov 22, 2016
"Plus I didn't want to hurt the girl trying to protect the princess against a dozen guardians" Again, I love Dimitri.