Save Me [Zarry]

Save Me [Zarry]

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❝Ever notice that the people who hurt you the most are the ones you tend to love more?❞

The one where two completely different teenagers, yet the same, look past their blindness and issues; and unknowingly end up saving each other for the better.

(Zarry, with side Nouis and Payzer.)

Graphics: @zarrycupcake

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5SOSQuadDirection 5SOSQuadDirection Jul 11, 2016
Is it bad i read this in his accent? 
                              Oh well i forgot i dont care
Toolazytomove Toolazytomove Apr 24, 2016
Harry in glasses , yeah I think we all know what happened to our ovaries
Ugh I forgot to tag myself now I don't remember when I started this book,
OnlyForOneDirection OnlyForOneDirection Apr 26, 2016
fvck when i read this, it makes me feel like ive read this book before. maybe im a #rr or maybe i can see into the future
Jennifer_1000 Jennifer_1000 Oct 09, 2016
Oh Hi Dave you're also in this book.. it's good to see you again
mmikhailo mmikhailo Apr 24, 2016
He reminds me of Patrick from the Perks Of Being A Wallflower I crie😭😂