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The Pizza Girl

The Pizza Girl

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arabella By queenofpizzas- Updated Jun 30

"Its a deal then".
          "Okay", he replied and before I had the chance to kick him out of my couch, outside my door away from me he placed his lips on mine. At first I was shocked, frozen in my spot and a bit irritated as I was wedged in an awkward sitting position. But soon my body began to respond, our lips moving in perfect sync, electricity skating down my spine. Slowly he let go with a mischievous glint in his eyes. 
         "I thought we are only kissing in front of them", I said breathlessly trying to sound annoyed while clearly his stupid lips had just made me see stars.
          "I was just practicing. And also sealing the deal with a kiss", he smirked. 
          "Yeah right", I quipped . 
          "Oh come on princess, you didn't even stop me. Just admit it- that you are addicted to my kisses".
          At that moment it hit me, that I had sold my soul to the devil and there was no giving back. Because this particular devil smirking at me didn't do refunds.  
      Emerson Justice is your average girl with straight As and an acute love for pizza.
      Leo Arsen is the Italian hottie who just moved to her school and is not to mention the school's new bad boy. He also happens to work at Emerson's favorite pizza place.
          But there is more to Emma the pizza girl then what meets the eye.
     Emma has a secret. A secret that has m.ade the school's queen bee her arch enemy. A secret that made her kiss Leo Arsen. Now he is at her doorstep demanding for more. They make a deal. But, what are Leo's true intentions a few innocent kisses or something more?
      #6 in humor
    Cover by: @Toobigofadreamer
     Trailer by: @marquietta
     -Regular updates

bluemuffin_10 bluemuffin_10 6 days ago
Please do not show me that or I will hunt you down and force you to buy or make me that exact same pizza 😊😊😊just saying no harm will be done......... IF YOU MAKE IT LIKE THAT PIZZA  🍕 sweet dreams🤗🤗🤗😈
This takes me to heaven singing pizza..♪♪pizza...♪♪♪
dalu73_ dalu73_ Jul 17
I'm on a diet and everywhere I go (on my phone I don't really go anywhere) I see some delicious  ass looking dish and if I'm not on my phone ik I'm gonna cheat.
morgangp morgangp 4 days ago
acute means below 90 degrees therefore below average. i think what you are trying to say obtuse which is any angle bigger than 90 degrees but honestly that doesn't even make sense so why don't you just say that she likes pizza.
treeleavez treeleavez Jul 16
wasn't there that book like Mind and matter something with the same main character names?
Jhooee Jhooee Jul 14
Francisco Lachowski brought me here lol you don't need candy to lure me in