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Crying is a sign of pain

Crying is a sign of pain

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#Bemagical By magicalfantasies537 Updated 12 hours ago

" Why are you here?"
"Its the only place I let my mself cry"

Jihoon, to the world is the loner. Too shy to make any friends and a fiery temper when it comes to group projects, wanting everything to be perfect. He might seem unapproachable and blunt, not allowing himself to get attached to anyone, but he is anything but that. To the social world he is a loner, but once he is behind the walls of his room, he is the music composer prodigy and singer to the media world. But he hides more than just his talent, for in the walls of his house, the one place he should feel safe... Is the place he gets hurt the most. His heart broken by the people he trusted the most, yet no one was willing to put it back together. 

Seungcheol, the school's most popular boy had everything. Girls practically fell at his feet and everyone wants to be his friend. He had everything Jihoon had always wanted, Love, Care and a supportive family. Maybe thats why Jihoon hated him so much... Their first meeting makes Seungcheol curious about him, and he is determined to unravel all his secrets, one by one. 

Two boys, complete opposites, yet the other might be the only one willing to help pick up the pieces...

Hazukizei Hazukizei May 16, 2016
Wow this is the first chapter, but I'm already liking it so much~
SHINeeGirlAtHeart SHINeeGirlAtHeart Jul 23, 2016
Oh my goodness, sweetie. I just wanna get you out of that house and take you to my house where we can bake and cook together and you can just focus on school and won't get abused.
SoonToBeYoung SoonToBeYoung Nov 28, 2016
If Jihoon was my son I'd be so proud of him cooking such food with his hard work. Y do u have to be treated like this 😭😭😭
seenkitt seenkitt Jul 06, 2016
The people around me tell me I act kind of motherly sometimes. Mygosh let me adopt you ill eat everything you cook if thats what you want mygosh jihoon :((((
prisatan prisatan Sep 01, 2016
prisatan prisatan Sep 01, 2016
repeat after me cheol " it wont it will nevet be 'eventful ' "