You're My Golden Spring Time (Completed)

You're My Golden Spring Time (Completed)

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Does Spring is a season of Love?
The story is about two different emotional love ## Rithick & Neethu ## Rahul &Nethra

RITHICK, who is the only Son of top Businessman in the country. He hates girls from his childhood itself but how destiny turns him to be the life saver of many girls?

 NEETHU was Bubbly and child by her heart, noted as the QUEEN of her Home town. How did she win his heart though they differ in all their attributes?

How they enter into a beautiful four letters word called LOVE to make their life precious?

RAHUL, who is the cousin of Rithick. Both Rithick and Rahul are affectionate towards each other from there childhood. 

NETHRA loves Rahul but it doesn't ends in Marriage though she loved him to the core. What happened in their life? Why did destiny shows a worst path in their life?

LOVE knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. It has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever.

The story is about the strange puzzling incidents happened in their life and how the destiny made them together?

The story is written in such a way of giving equal importance to LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and FAMILY. Definitely, You will enjoy reading it. It is my first book, So please support it by your votes and comments. Come and join in the journey of their love...

Thank you for reading the Description..

Hope you will enjoy the story....

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SindhuKSV SindhuKSV Aug 11, 2017
What a wonderful description of spring season.. I just love spring.. That's awesome beginning..
maancy maancy Jan 28
Wow! I love it akka... Amazing start..... Looks really really impressive😍  .... It let's to continue reading....♥
Kripa2486 Kripa2486 Dec 22, 2017
Hi Aks
                              I love your work.The character of Rithick and his dad is so cool.I have just landed in the story ...I find it very good and interesting. ..
riniitta riniitta May 22, 2017
Seriously these scenes made me remember my sister 😍😍... Ava college join panna porapo nadadhadhu ellame rewind aagiruchu😘😘... Lovely sisterhood
riniitta riniitta May 22, 2017
Awesome Akka 😊😊... While reading this I remembered my sister gifted me a teddy during my last birthday 😍😍
ChandanaMolly ChandanaMolly Jun 22, 2017
It reminds me....i have frnds from kids to adults in my hometown...