GUNSHOT (Kiba love story)-ON HOLD

GUNSHOT (Kiba love story)-ON HOLD

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Inzy By anime13love Updated Nov 02, 2016

Sequel to Wolf mate.

Rei senju is back! Better then ever!

Follow her on another set of adventures!

How will Rei focus on new situations.

What will she do about Miyuki and also what will she do about being Kiba's mate.

Was Kiba able to keep it in his pants the three years she was gone? Will she reject him? Or not?

This is sequel to WOLF MATE- read the first story first!

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NAruto:who did you fight
                              Me:she fought....
                              DONALD TRUMP
Clawdeenrose Clawdeenrose Dec 28, 2016
Tsunade was that old? I thought she was like 35 or something. 52-54 isn't THAT old it was just older than I expected xD
BloodyBatty BloodyBatty Feb 04, 2016
HA! Bow and feel tremendously weak and powerless compared to the powerhouse that is REI!
Clawdeenrose Clawdeenrose Dec 28, 2016
I just want to say that it's weird that she is part of the Sannin. If you didn't know this, San in Sannin means three so there are only three Sannin, Orochimaru, Tsunade and Jiraiya. ;)