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Nalu Fanfic: The Wolf Pack

Nalu Fanfic: The Wolf Pack

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Frozenflower158 By Frozenflower158 Updated 3 days ago

Lucy is a 17 year old girl and has a special gift she is a werewolf and she has never seen anyone else just like her.

Natsu is a 18 year old guy that is also a werewolf but he is the Alpha of one of the most powerful Wolf Pack.

What would happen if these two were to meet?

*reads jaws* *thinks* duna .... duna. ..duna duna duna dundundunnnnnnn!!
LunarDragneel LunarDragneel Nov 18, 2016
Noooooo its not Natsu its Zeref, of course its Nastu ya dummy
kelerza kelerza Feb 09
OK I admit.. Please continue writing it's so good to read one of this story ^_^
LauryG13 LauryG13 Dec 07, 2016
That was fast Natsu !!! Stupid you can't just say Mate!!! But is cute XD
xxOLESIAxx xxOLESIAxx Feb 08
I would think he was justbfucking about but youbkniw............its a wolf book
Kaykay3750 Kaykay3750 Jan 09
I wish she would of said an idiot.
                              Natsu: Lucy do you know what I am?
                              Lucy: An idiot.