Nalu Fanfic: The Wolf Pack

Nalu Fanfic: The Wolf Pack

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Frozenflower158 By Frozenflower158 Updated a day ago

Lucy is a 17 year old girl and has a special gift she is a werewolf and she has never seen anyone else just like her.

Natsu is a 18 year old guy that is also a werewolf but he is the Alpha of one of the most powerful Wolf Pack.

What would happen if these two were to meet?

Kit_Kat_writing Kit_Kat_writing 6 days ago
*reads jaws* *thinks* duna .... duna. ..duna duna duna dundundunnnnnnn!!
xantiisocial xantiisocial Dec 27, 2016
this is the second time someone put gary instead of gray, it makes me laugh
LunarDragneel LunarDragneel Nov 18, 2016
Noooooo its not Natsu its Zeref, of course its Nastu ya dummy
AlyssaHertz AlyssaHertz Apr 09, 2016
In love with the story! And I'm voting for it it's so good! 😆
TJKimvona-Chan TJKimvona-Chan Dec 07, 2016
🎤How could this happen to me?~ What wrong have I done?~🎤
Frozenflower158 Frozenflower158 Dec 17, 2016
Buy imma leave it there to see people's reaction😂😂😂