Ecstatic Love (Laxus x Reader)

Ecstatic Love (Laxus x Reader)

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Finally! After years of training to master your magic you've finally grown to the strength of S class! 
Joining Fairy Tail has been a dream of yours since you were a kid, and now it's come true. Now to accomplish the big one: become the strongest wizard that's ever lived. 

But with that path lain before your feet, it becomes annoyingly difficult when a certain Lightning wizard starts distracting you, and you like it! 

How can you possibly become the most powerful wizard with someone like Laxus tying you down against your will? But, how can you also deny these nuisance feelings that grow stronger with every glance??

I do not own the characters of Fairy Tail or the show/manga itself!!

*flinched so hard at what he said, that I have to take a five minute breather not to wake the house hold*
*Trying to contain laughter because it's 2 am and everyone is sleeping* C-Can't b-bre-breath! *Starts wheezing*
GoddessYin GoddessYin Sep 10
*is re-reading story* 
                              "lose your virginity!"
                              I FORGOT ABOUT THAT PART OH GOD
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???: I'm Isabelle Moonhaven, but you can call me Izzy! I have medium length cotton candy pink hair and lapis lazuli blue eyes. I'm usually a sadistic hinedere, but I often take time off my role as chaotic good to get some guys to fall for me and boy is it useful when I need a meat shield!
Blocked with the bloody toe... 
                              I'm sorry that just seems so strange 😂