Finding Winter

Finding Winter

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||Book 1 of the Chronicles of the Last Oströn||
Blue orbs. Shadow beasts. Strange voices.  

Matthew Descartes' life had been normal- mediocre at best- before a blue orb randomly appeared in the midst of the forest. It altered the very chemistry of his body, and he walked away with remarkable powers that caused him to see things others couldn't.

No once could give him answers, so piece by piece he had to decipher the mystery on his own. That was until a mysterious being from another dimension contacted him, slowly filling in the questions. 

Apparently, Matthew was one of four humans chosen as hosts for a foreign energy, and he would be the added piece in this twist of destiny. Or had this been an element of fate all along? 

Though the beings from the other dimension have sworn to help, Matthew can't help but feel an eerie and sinister call behind their words.
 They said Winter found him, but now it's his turn.
**This series lightly covers topics like depression, self-harm, and suicide, so please do not continue reading if you are uncomfortable with these topics**
  [Cover by the cover goddess @RachelS8766]