Love Me

Love Me

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He looks at me now, his grey eyes staring at me intensely. Love me! I wanted to tell him. Choose me! I wanted to say. But he's engaged, and he's getting married tomorrow. I'm usually not one to come between people, but I love him and his fiancé's a bitch. So I kiss him, and he kisses back...

After a drunken one night stand with a rich CEO, Ava becomes pregnant for him. Not only is he rich, making her seem like a gold digger, but he's engaged to an evil woman. Unwillingly, she becomes part of a rich dysfunctional family full of secrets. His mother hates her and his fiancé is doing everything she can to get Ava out of their lives. And the worst part of all is that she's falling for him...

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Warning** Chapters are short.

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mimakirigoe mimakirigoe Feb 22
Omg is this gonna be like how Troy & Gabriella met in HSM???!
This reminds me so much of high school musical omg 😂but great job on the writing. I suggest making the chapters a bit longer? Other than that me likie :)
StacBook StacBook Mar 01
Thanks for reading my book "Finding Adam".  I know it gets difficult making time to write your own story and read everyone else's.  So I really appreciate it.