Thunderous || Laxus Dreyar x Reader

Thunderous || Laxus Dreyar x Reader

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You have a dark past, but so does your new friend, Laxus. 

Set after the seven year gap where Fairy Tail was trapped on Tenrou Island, an official independent wizard named (Y/N) (L/N) has made a name for herself throughout all of Earthland. But what happens when, one day, she goes on a job and stumbles upon someone as damaged and in need of a friend as herself?

{Mature Content}

KimmyGalaxy KimmyGalaxy Aug 03, 2016
Who thou speaks so wise under that helm?
                              Sorry, I just had to...
fandomsat4am fandomsat4am Jun 30, 2016
But like imagine carrying around THE MOON in your pocket! That would be so cool!
Kinda_Crazy Kinda_Crazy Aug 19, 2016
At this point I'm not even imagining myself just a character I made up in my head. GO ON MY FAITHFUL MINION
sapphiregrace1224 sapphiregrace1224 Aug 02, 2016
Preach, my fellow fanfic writer! Praise the First Master! This is the truth! XD
fandomsat4am fandomsat4am Jun 30, 2016
Ok for a second I was confused and thought I had clicked a Harry Potter fanfic and I've been sitting here for 5 minutes really fûcking confused then I looked at the title and am now less confused.
LeosTomatoHoe LeosTomatoHoe Jun 13, 2016
I give you cake because you wrote a story about Laxus-Senpai :3