Thunderous || Laxus Dreyar x Reader

Thunderous || Laxus Dreyar x Reader

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You have a dark past, but so does your new friend, Laxus. 

Set after the seven year gap where Fairy Tail was trapped on Tenrou Island, an official independent wizard named (Y/N) (L/N) has made a name for herself throughout all of Earthland. But what happens when, one day, she goes on a job and stumbles upon someone as damaged and in need of a friend as herself?

{Mature Content}

KimmyGalaxy KimmyGalaxy Aug 03
Who thou speaks so wise under that helm?
                              Sorry, I just had to...
But like imagine carrying around THE MOON in your pocket! That would be so cool!
Kinda_Crazy Kinda_Crazy Aug 19
At this point I'm not even imagining myself just a character I made up in my head. GO ON MY FAITHFUL MINION
Preach, my fellow fanfic writer! Praise the First Master! This is the truth! XD
Ok for a second I was confused and thought I had clicked a Harry Potter fanfic and I've been sitting here for 5 minutes really fûcking confused then I looked at the title and am now less confused.
I give you cake because you wrote a story about Laxus-Senpai :3